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10. August

Sommer of Rave: Lüstler*innen


Cute visual von unserer noch cuteren @fraaaria

Lüstler*innen auf den Dancefloor!! Das Humbug lädt zum „Sommer of Rave“ ein. Kuratiert von wunderbaren Mitgliedern unseres Teams und Auftritten von “Caipora”, “Elvira” und “Brot mit Sauce”.

Nach langer Tanzbein-Abstinenz haben wir uns das wirklich verdient. Aber bitte beachtet, dass auch hier GGG gilt:

#Genesen#Getestet oder #Geimpft. Also sichert euch eure Zertifikate und tanzt, tanzt, tanzt.

14. August,

Cute visual von unserer noch cuteren @fraaaria


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17. May

«Bunt! Basel divers» am 19.5.


Wir zeigen im Rahmen von «Bunt! Basel divers» den Film «Petite fille» von Sébastien Lifshitz. Anschliessend an die Filmvorführung wird es ein moderiertes Publikumsgespräch geben, bei dem in einem geschützten Rahmen kritisch und visionär über die im Film thematisierten Aspekte in einem gesellschaftlichen Kontext diskutiert wird.

19.5., 19:30 Uhr im Humbug.

Bitte reserviert euch hier einen Platz!

Eintritt frei, Kollekte.

Zum Film

Dok/ 85′


Sébastien Lifshitz/ Frankreich 2020

Sasha muss in Jungenkleidung zur Schule gehen. Dabei stand für sie schon immer fest: Wenn sie gross ist, wird sie ein Mädchen sein. Auch ihre Eltern erkennen schon bald, wie dringlich der Wunsch ihrer mittlerweile 8-jährigen Tochter ist, die im Körper eines Jungen geboren wurde. Unermüdlich setzen sie sich dafür ein, dass Sasha jederzeit und auch in der Schule sie selbst sein kann. PETITE FILLE ist das zutiefst berührende Porträt eines Kindes, das seinen Körper ganz selbstverständlich infrage stellt und damit in einer Gesellschaft aneckt, die in einem biologistischen Junge-Mädchen-Denken verhaftet ist.


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26. April

Lust*Art Open Call


Lust*Art showcases queer Art (by Swiss artists) and aims to create a safe space by giving all forms of dreams, desires, lifestyles, love languages, fluidity, sex and body positivity, intersectionality etc. a platform to be seen and heard.

Lust*Art (Fall 2021) is looking for queer art!

This can be: Photography, Installations, Writing, Painting, Sculpture, GIFs, Illustration, Audio, Performance etc. with a focus on the topic consent. Or whatever feels like an enthusiastic yes to you.

Send your concept and portfolio (if available) to:

For questions contact:

Deadline: 28. Juni 2021

Filmmakers please refer to the following link:


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31. March

Call for Entry


Submit your film!

Luststreifen is now accepting new short films for our competition in the sections Porn Short, Doc Short and Fictional Short.

We are interested in any kind of short film that is queer, radical, feminist, political, revolutionary, sex-positive, provocative, critical, experimental, animated, artistic, innovative or progressive.

English subtitles are required for all non-English or non-German films.For the film viewing we only accept digital copies.

You can submit your film from the 1st of April until the 31st of May on filmfreeway.


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10. October

Screening Gewinner*innen Filme


Das Luststreifen Film Festival zeigt die diesjährigen Gewinner*innen Filme der Lust Awards:


Audience Award Winner „Mes Cheris“ von Ehtan Folk und Ty Wardwell

Porn Short Award Winner “Fucking Loser” von Mahx Capacity

Fictional Short Award Winner “Cosset” von Daria Volchok

Doc Short Award Winner “Mat et les gravitantes” von Pauline Penichout


Wann: 15. Oktober 20/ 20.00 h Filmbeginn – 19.30 h Türöffnung

Wo: SUD, Burgweg 7, 4058 Basel

Eintritt: kostenlose Anmeldung auf Eventfrog.


«Ich schütze nicht nur mich, sondern auch andere» gilt wieder, weshalb während der Veranstaltung eine Maskenpflicht gilt und Contact Tracing durchgeführt wird.

Anmeldung auf Eventfrog


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16. September

We are a safer space – be aware!


At our festival we support a «Safer Space Policy». By a conscious and empathetic contact with each other we want to avoid attacks, discrimination and the crossing of boundaries of any kind. We are all aware of our responsibilities and are called upon to work for a safer space where everyone is welcome.

At Luststreifen, our visitors are not discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, skin colour, nationality, class or body. How and where an assault begins is always determined by the person affected.

We want all persons, especially genderqueers, non-binary and trans* people, to feel safe, comfortable and free at the festival. Let us excercise our own actions and conversations together in a consensual, respectful and supportive way, respecting the limits of others. Only a yes is a yes!

Pictures and videos will be taken at the festival. If you don’t want to be photographed, contact the person taking the picture. If you want us to remove an image from our website or social media channels. please contact directly.




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16. September

Safety during COVID -19


Safety concept Luststreifen 2020 –

“I don’t only protect myself, but also others!

The Luststreifen Film Festival stands for inclusion and acceptance in all areas of life. This year even more so: We want to make it possible for everyone to visit our events. For this reason, some guidelines have to be followed. “I don’t only protect myself, but also others!”

  • Inside the venues (Neues Kino, Humbug), masks are compulsory
  • This year there is a compulsory registration via Eventfrog for the individual events on the programme
  • The maximum number of visitors is limited
  • If possible, no narrow paths are blocked on the premises
  • Regular hand washing is appreciated
  • In case of flu-like symptoms, a visit to the Luststreifen Film Festival is not advised
  • If events take place in the open air and / or outside areas, the 1.5 metre distance rule must be maintained
  • Contact tracing is carried out in order to be able to follow a possible chain of infection

Furthermore, the safety concepts of our cooperative partners Humbug and neues Kino also apply.




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15. September

Let’s have a Quickie!


Introducing: This year’s Quickie Luststreifen Film Festival from 3 to 4 October 2020. The current circumstances do not allow us to hold the festival as usual. The limited number of people, the safety concept, our locations – the Luststreifen as we know it is simply not feasible this year. For these reasons we have decided to present the festival as a Quickie. A weekend with online ticket sales, a dense side event programme, short films and a handful of film gems. It will be short but intense. Because: The virus is not gone, better safe than sorry. So get your tickets online, follow our safety concept and take care of each other.




3. October side events programme

3. October films

4. October films

Jury & Awards


Luststreifen Film Festival presents four Lust Awards again this year: «Audience Award», «Best Documentary Short», «Best Fictional Short» and «Best Porn Short». The Lust Awards are awarded by a selected professional jury of experts, in recognition of outstanding cinematic achievements. As last year, the audience by means of an analogue voting system votes for the «Audience Award».


Mariama Balde is a Lausanne based filmmaker and film critic. She has directed several short-films presented at national and international festivals.
Before stepping behind the camera, she reviewed numerous films, published articles discussing the Swiss film industry and led more than a hundred interviews with filmmakers, actors and producers from all around the globe. Her writing has also appeared in die WOZ, le Courrier, Filmbulletin, Indiewire and several other outlets.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in cinema from ECAL (Lausanne School of Art & Design).


Delphine Luchetta is a visual artist, videographer, photographer and media producer who lives and works in Geneva. She has worked with many artists and cultural organisations such as Iris Gallarotti, MAMCO, Cie 7273, Mapping Festival.
Trained as a screenwriter and in post-production (analogue, digital) she is the founder of Susu-prod, a production company active since 2002, specialised in developing documentaries, fictions and interactive video projects. With a long experience as a technical crew member on short films, she is also versed in journalism, having interviewed personalities such as Isabelle Carré, Billy Gould and Vincent Cassel.
In 2017, she joined the team of Ressources Urbaines, a cultural and real estate coop in Geneva, which offers affordable production, exchange and diffusion spaces to artists and creators.
Acting as community manager and animator, she creates photos, videos, texts, sounds clips and interviews to produce portraits, news clips and announcements to both promote and archive the coop’s activities.


Sina Früh is artistic co-director of the queer film festival Pink Apple. Previously she worked as a storyteller for letsmuseeum at the Kunsthaus Zürich and as a freelance project manager and presenter. In addition to her work in the cultural sector, she is a singer, theatre actor and is currently completing further training as a secondary school teacher. She studied English literature, film studies and gender studies.

Mariama Balde

Delphine Luchetta

Sina Früh


Lust Award Winners 2020

Daria Volchok (2019)



WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD «MES CHÉRIS»Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, (2020)





Philipp Gurtner is a self-taught artist whose creative work revolves around classical-figurative painting with modern and abstract elements and is presented in a contemporary manner. Philipp explores the romantic, nostalgic and sensual as well as the dark sides of life: nihilism, existentialism, longing and loneliness, which are contrasted with fragile and impressionistic beauty. Although he is a figurative painter, his focus is always on the emotional content and not on narrative or exuberant abstraction. The atmospheres in his sculptural, illustrative and painterly works are often depicted in a dream-like state with elements of realism, surrealism, idealism and impressionism.

Philipp Gurtner

The Festival

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Cinema location

neues kino, Klybeckstrasse 247 Basel

Festival location

HUMBUG, Klybeckstrasse 241/K104, 4057 Basel

Our Festival Shuttle – Tram No. 8


How to get to the neues kino

Tram line 8 from SBB railway station in the direction of Kleinhüningen/ Weil am Rhein, tram stop Ciba

How to get to the Festival Centre HUMBUG

Tram line 8 from SBB railway station in the direction of Kleinhüningen/ Weil am Rhein, tram stop Ciba


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Luststreifen wants to enable an active, enlightening exchange by means of workshops and screenings of international films on the subject of queer feminism. Gender and sexual orientation do not play a role here. We give filmmakers and creative people a platform to show themselves and their work to the world. Everyone is welcome to come and wipe the everyday dust off their or soul.

This year the Luststreifen Film Festival is already going into its 13th round, since 2018 as an independent association. This year’s festival is a little more exclusive than usual due to the Corona situation. Instead of a whole week of lust, there will be a weekend quickie from 3-4 October – save the date!


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With 20 freelancers, from creative minds to administrative cracks, a colourful festival is put together with a lot of love and enthusiasm. We are inspired by the queer world, where being different is normal and love knows no boundaries. We would like to bring this barrier-free universe closer to you with the Luststreifen Film Festival. We are a team that creates an unforgettable festival experience for you every year. Hand in hand, we want to encourage you to rethink and together with you, we want to create more space for diversity.


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Become a member

Luststreifen Film Festival Association

The non-profit association Luststreifen Film Festival Basel dedicates itself to the cultural-political mission of promoting the queer-feminist film and cultural scene in Basel and Switzerland. The main goal of the association is to strengthen diversity and tolerance in society and through that foster acceptance and visibility of various lifestyles in society. The Luststreifen Film Festival association is a non-profit organisation and it is politically and denominationally neutral.

Advantages of your membership

Active members contribute to the organisation and the execution of the Festival. Even if you are not interested in actively participating within the organising team, your membership fee enables us to sustainably organise the film festival and achieve our association’s goals.

You will become part of a community interested in the arts, which uses the medium of film to promote diversity and openness both for individuals and the community. The association promotes young Swiss filmmakers and scriptwriters, since the festival has become an attractive platform through its call for submissions and networking meetings as well as awards for artists*. As a member, you will also receive information on all events, the programme booklet in advance and drink vouchers for the festival. Within the association, you will encounter a large community that actively encourages discussion and diversity and is characterised by a strong social bond. Corporate members and organisations also benefit from reduced sponsorship options.

Membership fee

Annual cost: CHF 40.- / CHF 20.-

Reduced for AHV/IV/unemployed individuals

Corporate members and organisations: starting at CHF 240.-

online form




Cinematic Partners

Location Partners

Food and Beverage Partners

Supported by


Due to the current situation, we cannot provide accreditations this year. We kindly ask media representatives and professionals to purchase their tickets for desired film screenings themselves. If necessary, screeners and film stills can be provided for festival coverage. The use of the screeners is only for the preview of the films for editorial reporting. Any misuse or reuse is prohibited.

Enquiries directed to the media team at:


Luststreifen Film Festival Basel
Schanzenstrasse 13
4056 Basel

Festival Management

Pascale Thomann, Tara Toffol, Xenia Nguyen


Ana Santos, Julia Chudoba, Katja Morand, Timo Posselt


Anja Schneider, Fabienne Bieri, Kayleigh Wittlin, Toni Kovacevic

Media and Graphic Design

Ananda Schmidt, Carmen Walker, Julia Brun, Lea Dora Illmer, Lorena Lucek, Lukas Stadelmann


Daniela Crescenzi

Food and Beverage

Jasmin Camenzind